Our Music Videos!
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They will be in sections as well as alphabetical.
The ones from CDs are on the CD pages linked HERE!

About Small
Always Love
Always Love
Ancient Flowers
Ants Go Marching
As If
Ask in Faith
Autumn Leaves
Awake and Aware
Away In The Manger
Away In The Manger
Balance With Mabon
Beautiful Lady
Begin Again
Best Of Me
Bloomin' Of A Rose
Breathe Beauty
Bright Light Love
Bring On The Water Debut!
Bring On The Water Vlog!
Born For Debut!
Born For Vlog!
Circle Of Love
Circle Of Love
Circle Of One
Darlin' Valentine
Deciduous Trees
Deep Blue Sea
Deep Blue Sea MP3 from the CD!
Dinosaur Stomp
Don't Hit Her w/Litter
Earth Mama
Energy 3 Sing Along
Energy Music Video
Energy Sing Along
Energy Spirit Sing Along
Exuberant Exploration
Filled With Gratitude
Finnegan Begin Again
For Humanity
Freedom & Justice
Giving Thanks
God Spot
God Spot
God Bless Ye Merry Fams
Goin' On A Picnic
Go Tell It
Go Tell It
Grateful For You
Halloween Scream Sing Along
Hand of God
Happy, Happy, Happy
Here We Come A'Caroling
House of Prayer
How Many Hugs
Humble (Trees) Sing Along
I Am Breath
I Am Free
I Eat What's Good
If I Were A Bug
If You're Happy
I Heard 3 Angels
I Heard 3 Angels
Infinitely Grateful
Infinitely Grateful Vlog
Inside My Heart
Insist On Justice
In This Moment Debut
In This Moment Vlog
Irish Blessing
Johnny Appleseed (Earth)
Johnny Appleseed (Lord)
Joy Jumpin'
Joyous Glory Angels Sing
Kindness Kisses SingAlong
Kokopelli Sing Along
Life Is A Web
Light Of Love
Live The Truth
Love, Love, Love
Made Of Love
Mama, Where Are You?
Mindful Me
My Grandfather's Clock
My Mother, Butterfly
No Pets In Bed
Oh Shenandoah
Oh Shenandoah
One Drum
One Drum
On Halloween
On This Noel
On This Noel
Open Flow 2
Open Flow 1
Plant Our Planet
Playtime w/Bear Friends
Practicing Peace SingA
Quietly Sing Along
Rainbow Clothes
Read with a Flea
Release Joanie Calem
Rise Up Spirit
Rosh Hashanah Joanie Calem
Sacred Ground
Sailor To Sea
Santa Lives
Santa Lives
Seed Of Love
Seed Of Me
Seed Of Me
Singing Dr. King's Dream
Singing Rudolph
Small After Small
Smiling Spree
Soup of the Soul
Spider ChildSing
Standing Like A Tree
TeddyBear Lullaby
Thank You Mama
The 12 Thoughts of Christmas
Troubles Like Bubbles
Trust What You Hear Color Seats
Turn, Turn, Turn
Up From The Sea
Up With Us
Voice of Christmas
Voice Of Christmas LJ
Voice Of Christmas
We're All The Same
We're Gonna March
We're Singing Archives
We Are One
We Are Sacred (old)
Welcome Wisdom
We Thank You
We Thank You (old)
What Child Is This?
When Spirit Says (old)
Yay For Yes
You Are A Rainbow
Your Birthday Cake
Zeal Appeal (old)
Zeal Zap

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