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Welcome Friends! Time REALLY Flies!
This July & August too, Leaping Literacy Library
BIRDS are Flying into NEW ETV, Woo Hoo!
DUCKS begin! Their spotlights are splashing in!
Circle of Time

New Bird ETV on the way! Duck Luck is UP!
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Vintage Voice from 1941!

Make Way for Ducklings

Om HomETV! Leaping Literacy Library ETV!
Metaphysical, Creative Vlog w/Laurie Story and Duck
Musical Freedom Vlog w/Laurie Story and Eagle

Om HomETV: Awareness w/Owl

New Om HomETV is in the making!
Om HomETV!
Musical Moments! Leaping Literacy Library ETV!

5 Little Ducks

Leaping Literacy Library Transformation Celebrations! ETV!
Feature Creature Teacher: Owl!
Feature Creature Teacher: Turkey! Feature Creature Teachers DUCK, Eagle, Peacock on the way in the coming days!

Feature Creature Teachers
Laurie Story Time! Leaping Literacy Library ETV!

Duck Flap Talk Laurie Story Time:
More Bird
Laurie Story Times on the way!
Crow On the Go up next!
Laurie StorEBookETV

Thankful! Thoughtful! Leaping Literacy Library ETV!
Nature Calls: Ducklings! Nature Calls: Eagle!

Nature Calls Green Living

Fab Fun! Leaping Literacy Library ETV!
Craft: Make a Duck w/LaurieStory!
Fred Meets a Duck!
Birds w/ Fred, Uncle Fido, Sky!
Leaping Literacy ETV!
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